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Medication Management Specialist

Mark Rybakov, DO

Adult, Adolescent, and Child Psychiatrist located in Brooklyn, NY & Manhattan, New York, NY

Medications are often an essential part of your treatment for psychiatric disorders because they restore imbalances in brain chemicals. If you take psychiatric medications, you also need medication management for optimal mood and performance. Dr. Mark Rybakov, DO, monitors your medications to be sure you get the best results and don’t experience side effects. If you need medication management, book an appointment online or call one of the New York City offices. Dr. Rybakov has two locations, one on Saint Mark’s Place in the East Village of Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Medication management refers to scheduling regular appointments with patients who take medications. The purpose is to monitor your progress, prevent side effects, and adjust your medication dosage to achieve therapeutic results.

Any time Dr. Rybakov prescribes a psychiatric drug, you automatically receive the benefit of medication management.

How does medication management improve my results?

Medication management improves your symptoms by allowing Dr. Rybakov to be sure you get the best medication and overcome roadblocks.

Get the best medication

There are currently five classes of psychotropic medications, and there are many medications in each class. Though it’s easy to narrow down the class of drug you may need, each medication within that class has a unique way of working inside your body.

As a result, the first medication you receive may not be the most effective. During medication management, Dr. Rybakov can decide if you need a different dose or a new medication.

Overcome roadblocks

The only way to get results is by taking your medication exactly as prescribed. Many patients face roadblocks that prevent them from doing that.

You may not like the way your medication gives you brain fog, for example. Or you may simply forget to take your meds. Learning about these issues gives Dr. Rybakov the chance to find solutions so you can take your medication.

How does medication management protect my health?

Like all medications, psychiatric drugs have the potential to cause side effects and adverse reactions. One of the most important aspects of medication management is continuously monitoring you for the first sign of problems. 

Depending on the medication, you may also need occasional blood tests to check your sugar levels, liver function, and other biomarkers.

What happens during a medication management appointment?

During your first appointment, Dr. Rybakov takes an in-depth medical history, does a psychological evaluation, and then works with you to create a treatment plan.

Follow-up appointments don’t take as long as your initial appointment. Dr. Rybakov checks your weight and blood pressure and talks about how you’re doing. He learns if you have any side effects and answers all your questions.

After deciding if you need any changes in the dose or type of medication, he sends your prescription to your preferred pharmacy. Then you can pick it up at your convenience.

To learn more about medication management, call Dr. Mark Rybakov, DO, or book an appointment online today.